With an unabashed nod to the past, John’s songs join hands with some of the classic Transatlantic singer-songwriters from the late-60s and early-70s like James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Graham Nash and Paul Simon. There’s even a touch of Peter Sarstedt’s continental chic in the opener, Tomorrow’s Saturday! When was the last time you saw his name in a press release, eh?

At first glance, there’s an almost pastoral beauty to his music – incredible, flat-picked acoustic guitar dancing effortlessly across heartfelt vocals – but it’s not too long before you start to notice the scratches, scabs and scars that tell the real story. Not that Songs From The Garden ever wallows in its sadness. The dogged determination of John’s lyrics – just listen to ‘Get Back Home’ – and the prickling energy of that gorgeous guitar never stop pushing the songs forward.

You’ve probably heard lots of debut albums from guitar-playing singer-songwriters… but we think it’s a long time since you’ll have heard anything like John Aldington.

Danny Scott’s review of Songs From The Garden